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Frequently Asked Questions

This Web Page

  1. Is this an official Web page?

    No, this Web page is just a hobby of mine with no official ties to anyone directly related to the making of the movies or to Michael Ende himself.

About the Movies

  1. What are the lyrics to the theme song?

    A few people have been having trouble finding the lyrics to the song, so here they are.

  2. Bastian screams out a name for the Childlike Empress near the end of the movie. He gave her the same name as his his mother's. What was the name?

    While watching this scene, Closed Captioning says "[yelling]" when Bastian screams the name. If what was yelled was intended to be the same name as in the book, it is "Moon Child".

  3. What is the name of Atreyu's horse?

    Atreyu's horse is named Artax.

  4. What is the name of the "flying dog"?

    That's Falkor, the luck dragon.

  5. Is there a boxed set?

    Yes, the first two movies (in Hi-Fi VHS format) are boxed, and the set runs from $30 to $35. No word on if there will be a new boxed set with the third movie.

  6. Is a fourth movie being made?

    Very unlikely. The third movie did not make enough money to justify a fourth movie.

  7. I have the NES 2 movie poster. Why is it printed on both sides of the poster?

    Many movie posters are printed on both sides of the poster; one side is normal, the other is in reverse. With the back lighting of poster displays at movie theatres, a poster's image will look faded if it is on one side only. Having the poster double-sided solves the faded look.

  8. What is the film studio's address?

    Warner Bros. Studios
    4000 Warner Boulevard
    Burbank, CA 91522

  9. Why weren't Barret Oliver and Noah Hathaway (the original actors) used in the movie sequels?

    They weren't used simply because they would have been too old. Barret and Noah would have been six years older in part II. Since the second movie was an immediate continuation (storywise) of the first, Barret and Noah couldn't play their characters.

About the Book

  1. What is Bastian's mother's name?

    This is not given in the book. Bastian used his imagination when he came up with The Childlike Empress' new name, "Moon Child".

  2. What is the name of Atreyu's horse?

    Atreyu's horse is named Artax. He could talk.

  3. The book spells the land of imagination "Fantastica". Why did the movies change the word?

    Michael Ende, born in Germany, wrote the book in German and spelled the land of imagination "Fantasien", which translates to "Fantasia" in English. I don't know why the translator of the book Die Unendliche Geschichte decided to use "Fantastica". The movies have the word right.

  4. Do the different published books really have the Auryn raised on the cover?

    The ones I know of only have a picture of the Auryn, not raised as in the movies.

  5. How many chapters are in the book?

    There are 27 chapters. After the unnumbered introductory chapter, the first letter of the first word of each chapter is one of the letters of the alphabet (i.e. chapter 1 starts with A, chapter 26 starts with Z). Thanks Robyn for this correction.