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What is the book about?

A little boy named Bastian comes across a book called The Neverending Story, which tells a tale of Atreyu and his quest to save Fantasia. The land of Fantasia literally has everything you can imagine, since it is the land of human imagination. As Bastian reads, he discovers that he himself is the one to save Fantasia, and by doing so, he gets lost in the book and must find his true identity in the real world.

Isn't this a book for children?

Not really. On the surface, The Neverending Story can be easily seen as a book for children. However, the novel contains many themes that only an adult could fully grasp. Michael Ende intended this book to bring out the child in all of us, and he accomplishes this so well.

General Information

Original title
Die Unendliche Geschicte
Michael Ende
Illustrated by
Roswitha Quadflieg
Translated to English by
Ralph Manheim
Number of countries sold in
Over 50
Original copyright
K. Thienemanns Verlag, 1979
Translation copyright
Doubleday & Co., Inc., 1983

Book Reviews

Please note that these reviews, especially the last two, can spoil parts of the book--read at your own risk!

Also note that "Fantasia", "Fantastica", and "Fantasiana" are all the same, depending on the book copy I suppose. The original German was "Fantasien", which is more like "Fantasia" than any of the others, according to my sources.

Book Covers and Information

K. Thienemanns Verlag Doubleday and Co., Inc. Doubleday and Co., Inc. Penguin Books Penguin Books Puffin Books
Penguin Books Dutton Children's Books Amereon, Ltd Buccaneer Books, Inc. Turtleback Macmillan Library Reference

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