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Die unendliche Geschichte Soundtrack

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German Soundtrack Information

(original filmmusik komponiert, arrangiert, dirigiert und produziert von Klaus Doldinger)
Illustrations: Ul de Rico
Catalog number: 2292-50396-2 (WEA Germany)
Total tracks: 17
Total length: 41:33


   1. 3:12 Flug auf dem Glücksdrachen
   2. 2:44 Die unendliche Geschichte (Titelmusik)
   3. 3:01 Im Haulewald
   4. 1:54 Der Elfenbeinturm
   5. 2:47 Atréju's Berufung - Auryn Thema
   6. 0:52 Phantasien
   7. 3:13 Artax's Tod
   8. 2:39 Die Sümpfe der Traurigkeit
   9. 2:27 Atréju's Flug
  10. 2:27 Die uralte Morla
  11. 3:19 Das südliche Orakel
  12. 2:35 Die drei magischen Tore
  13. 1:37 Spukstadt
  14. 3:02 Flug zum Elfenbeinturm
  15. 1:19 Mondenkind
  16. 2:16 Die kindliche Kaiserin
  17. 1:19 Flug auf dem Glücksdrachen (Schlusstitel)

English translations:
   1. Flight with the Luckdragon              [Bastian's Happy Flight]
   2. The Neverending Story (Main Title)      *
   3. In the Howling Forest
   4. The Ivory Tower                         *
   5. Atreju's Briefing - Auryn Theme         [Atreju's Quest]
   6. Fantasia                                [Fantasia]
   7. Artax's Death                           *
   8. The Swamps of Sadness                   [Theme of Sadness]
   9. Atreju's Flight                         [Atreju Meets Falkor]
  10. The Ancient Morla
  11. The Southern Oracle
  12. The Three Magical Doors                 [Mirrorgate - Southern Oracle]
  13. Ghosttown                               [Gmork]
  14. Flight to the Ivory Tower
  15. Moonchild                               [Moonchild]
  16. The Childlike Empress                   [The Auryn]
  17. Flight with the Luckdragon (End Title)  [Happy Flight]

  *  Only used in the German cinema-version.
  [] The same Doldinger title from the American CD


When comparing the American soundtrack to the German one, Arvallius (source) gives us these notes:

Track 2 is a completely instrumental and different 
  opening title than Moroder's/Limahl's.
Track 4 is a different "Ivory Tower" theme than Moroder's.
Track 7 (Artax's Death) is different than the music in
  the movie, the counterpart (probably Moroder) is not on any CD.
Track 10 (The ancient Morla) is used in the movie (I think),
  but is only found on this CD.
Track 11 is the music played when Atreju is talking to
  the Southern Oracle, only on this CD.
Track 12: The track on the US CD is misnamed, this music is played
  when Atreju approaches the Sphinx gate.
  This track is shorter than the US CD, but the intro from
  the US CD (30 sec) appears in track 11 of the German CD.
Track 13 is the music played while Atreju is looking at the
  paintings of his own adventure (only on this CD),
  and it continues into the "Gmork" theme from the other CD.
  German CD version is 1 minute longer than the US version.
Track 14 is the music played then Fantasia disintegrates
  and they fly through the debris (only on this CD),
  it continues into Doldinger's "Ivory Tower" theme where
  it in the movie changes into Moroder's "Ivory Tower" theme.
  I once synchronized this track on CD with the movie on LaserDisc,
  and it was interesting to compare Doldinger's with Moroder's.

All Klaus Doldinger's themes are recognizable, since bits of the
themes were used in many places in the movie, that's why I'm not
100% sure about track 10.

Source: Michael Arvallius (