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The Neverending Story III Soundtrack

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Catalog number: 4509-98309-2 (WEA)
Total tracks: 20
Total length: ~ 80 min


   1. 3:36 The Neverending Story             Real Im-Pact
   2. 3:52 Give Peace a Chance (Single Mix)  Intermission
   3. 3:26 Games People Play                 Inner Circle
   4. 3:13 Girly Girl                        Lucilectric
   5. 4:25 Crash! Boom! Bang!                Roxette
   6. 4:47 Kiss From a Rose                  Seal
   7. 3:53 Mission of Love (Radio Edit)      Nemorin
   8. 4:36 Heart of Stone                    Dave Stewart
   9. 3:51 Shortcut To Forever               Phillip Ingram & Siedah Garrett
  10. 2:50 Fantasian Homecoming              The Munich Symphony Orchestra
  11. 3:22 I'm a Stoneman                    The Stoneman
  12. 4:02 United (Radio Edit)               Price Ital Joe Featuring Marky Mark
  13. 4:07 Hand to Hand                      Ophelia
  14. 3:51 Back & Forth (LP Version)         Aaliyah
  15. 3:38 Fire                              Shyboy
  16. 5:54 How, How (The Pre Mix)            Yello
  17. 4:05 Nasty World                       Real Im-Pact
  18. 3:52 Dream On (The Neverending Story)  Nemorin
  19. 3:38 Born to be Wild                   The Stoneman
  20. 2:38 Shortcut to Forever               The Munich Symphony Orchestra


The Neverending Story III soundtrack is unlike any of its predecessors. It is the only soundtrack to be available only on CD and is relatively quite rare. The CD contains a massive 20 tracks which play for almost 80 minutes and even contains a new version of The Neverending Story by the group Real-Impact. Unlike the soundtracks to the two previous movies, this one has many famous artists to its credit like Seal, Roxette, Aaliyah, Yello, Inner name a few. Also, the soundtrack does not lack the usual 'strange-named' group like Nemorin which performs a couple of dreamy tracks most appropriate to the film. It might also be interesting to mention that this soundtrack includes songs from virtually every class of music, i.e. rock, rap, classical, pop, jazz, new age, reggae, etc...all neatly blended into the theme of the movie. Finally, even though this third movie may not be one of the best, its soundtrack is definitely...exceptional.

Source: Pictures, information, and review provided by Mohammed Azlan.