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The cartoon seems to be well-animated, and it is based on a mixture of the book and its characters and of the movies. However, it is a cartoon showing early Saturday and Sunday mornings, which means that it is directed to the youngsters and oftentimes specifically sends out a blatant moral message.

In the book, "But that's another story and shall be told another time" is a repeated phrase encouraging the reader to continue exploring the imagination. The cartoon now tells those other stories. Bastian picks up The Neverending Story and begins imagining more adventures, with friend Barktroll (a creature that is part tree, part troll). Those who oppose him often are Xayide and Nimbly.

On videotape...Three episodes are on a 90-minute tape being sold from $9.95 to $14.95. The episodes on the tape are The Belt Of Invisibility, The Three Feeling Stone, and Tears Of Sadness.

25 episodes have been shown:

First Aired (2001)Episode NameDescription *
?Tears of Sadness Xayide poisons Fantasia's water with the tears of the Acharis.
?Meek and the Mighty Baby Rockchewer gets lost, Bastian and Gluckuk tries to find him.
?The Purple Buffalo Xayide captures all the purple buffalo and Atreyu, Bastian and Artax to the rescue.
?Morla's Wish Bastian must deliver a gift to Morla.
?To Save Falkor Falkor catches Bastian's cold and gets deadly sick, Bastian must find the cure.
?Spook City Bastian, Gaya, Meeka and Argax are chased through Spook city by Gmork.
?Missing Memories Xayide has emptied Yor's mine on memory pictures.
?Perilin Bastian travels through Perilin and Goab, and he meets Grograman.
?The Sea of Mist Engywook's treasure is stolen, Bastian, Engywook and Urgl chase Blondycat over the Sea of Mist.
?Promises Bastian, Atreyu and Atreyu's sister Saiya must destroy the evil shaman's staff.
?Through the Misty Mountains Bastian and Large Head must check out stories about a monster in the Misty Mountains.
?A Friendship That Flames Bastian and Barktroll are deceived by Xayide's ally Axin.
?The Three Feeling Stone The three magic stones are stolen by Xayide.
?The Belt of Invisibility Shadow Goblin and Vermin finds lost belt of invisibility and they abuse it.
2 MarchGood Deeds Barktroll expects rewards for his good deeds.
3 MarchBarktroll's Blame Barktroll is suspected of arson.
9 MarchThe Searcher Engywook takes the egg of Llorp to the Land of Cold Fire.
10 MarchEnd of Time Bastian must retrieve the Silver Clock of Amarganth from Lake of Tears.
16 MarchThunder and Lightning Engywook tries to build a rainmaking machine.
17 MarchThe Everlasting Night Xayide uses a stolen recipe to concoct a spell that cloaks the land in darkness.
23 MarchAfter the Falls Ash challenges Barktroll to a logroll on Splinter Falls.
30 MarchMirror, Mirror Xayide's mirror creates an evil-twin image of Bastian.
6 AprilThe Dreaming Fields Fantasians dreams come true.
7 AprilThe Atonal Trolls The Shrieking Trolls abandon the Mountains of Harmony.
13 AprilThe Race to the Ivory Tower Shadow Goblin and Vermin sabotage the race.
* Descriptions come from Michael Arvallius and "The Cable Connection".